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Postamo Pro

Advertise Your Listings

Quickly and easily run ads for your listings and open houses to reach interested buyers with Ad Pro. Our proprietary ad-builder tool is designed to get your listing in front of more interested buyers than buying standard ads.

  • $20 per month subscription.
  • Intuitive ad-builder allows you to quickly and easily make compelling Facebook ads for all of your listings and open houses. Have an ad up and running in under 10 minutes.
  • You decide what your ad spend will be.
  • Campaign reporting tools clearly show your seller that people are seeing your listing.

Zip Pro

Build Your Brand

Did you know that 70% of home sellers interview only ONE agent? With Zip Pro you can buy the zip codes you want to target to become the go-to agent in your area. Build your brand awareness by being one of only two agents who can advertise with Postamo in your zip code. Consider us your digital billboard!

  • $1000 buys your zip code.
  • Ads run year-round featuring your brand. Set up your brand ad once and you’re done.
  • Brand ads run on local websites and relevant sites for local homebuyers.
  • Become the top-of-mind agent for home sellers in your zip code.
  • Brand ad clicks route potential clients to landing pages branded specifically to you providing quality lead generation opportunities.
  • Dashboard provides brand ad performance metrics so you can see how your ads are performing.